Review of Jason Wu Collection

Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Review of Jason Wu Collection Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Perfect Imperfection

By Erin Hazelton

Nothing says “alive” like a room filled with mountains of bushy greens peppered with colorful flowers and sexy, booming music. And “alive” is what Jason Wu’s was after when he set out to design his Spring 2022 collection.

Look at this room! Look at this view! New York is alive… I love the idea of perfect imperfection.

Jason Wu

Seeing the beauty in imperfection is likely what freed Wu up to present a show that exuded an energy and ease you rarely see during fashion week – nothing felt stiff. From the setting to the clothes to the model’s gaits, spirits were high, but there was also a sense of serenity thanks to the flowers and, most likely, the flat, lace-up grecian sandals the models wore (much easier to navigate poured concrete floors in those than in stilettos). The kind of energy surrounding the show is the kind of energy anyone would want to be dipped in.

Speaking of dipped, Wu’s “floral” prints aren’t “prints” exactly, but they are definitely “floral.”

Working with the fabric artist Cara Marie Piazza, Wu’s fabrics were dip-dyed in natural dyes made from composted flowers. So while they read as “floral,” they are actually handmade “blooms” of dye. Much more original and sustainable. So sustainable, in fact, that Wu is donating all the flowers installed for his show to Garbage Goddess, a New York City-based organization dedicated to making flower-filled events zero-waste. The flowers will be composted and then made into dyes for Parson’s students to work with. Pretty awesome all around. 

Jason Wu shares his inspiration with The Impression’s Erin Hazelton

Wu’s burnished floral-tone color palette and the relaxed vibe of his looks – airy, sexy knit slip dresses drawstring waistlines, open-backed dresses that you’d reach for both comfort and refinement – felt very “New York City in the spring.”

The entire collection looked pulled together, but not one look felt “fussy.”

This is at least in part thanks to the show’s stylist, Ludivine Poiblanc, who is known for her breezy elegance and casual chicness. It was a perfect pairing… even if Wu was aiming for a bit of imperfection.   

I think beauty will never go away… we love beauty, it brings us happiness.

Jason Wu

Stand-outs were a two-piece pencil skirt and cropped, tailored camisole that was cut in dip-dyed plissé (good luck keeping that one in stock) and all three evening looks that closed the show. 

On multiple occasions Wu also used balloon hemlines, however, his are more subtle that the more voluminous versions we’ve been seeing this season. It’s safe to say that bubble hemlines are emerging as a trend… and I’m not too sure how I feel about this. (Cue discussion.) But a bubble sleeve? Love. (You may agree to disagree.) And Wu did those with aplomb.

Are Wu’s looks wearable? Absolutely. After a year and a half of reaching for clothes with the primary criteria of “comfortable,” Wu’s latest collection feels accommodating… like we can wear fashion and not feel restricted.  

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