Jil Sander And Uniqlo Partner For Chapter Two Of +J Fall Capsule Collection

Uniqlo's +J Fall Capsule Collection Closes Out Chapter 2 of the Program

Jil Sander And Uniqlo Continue Their Partnership With Chapter Two Of +J Fall Capsule Collection

Global apparel retailer Uniqlo and designer Jil Sander have launched another collaboration of the +J Fall/Winter 2021 collection, which will launch in early November. More than a collaboration, Uniqlo’s deep relationship with legendary designer Jil Sander began in 2009, and marked the brand’s connection to high fashion. +J Fall/Winter 2021 is a special collection that marks the end of Chapter 2, the second of the collaboration’s work.

Chapter 1 began 12 years ago and includes the series of +J collections from 2009-2011. Chapter 2 includes the recent Fall/Winter 2020, Spring/Summer 2021 and now, Fall/Winter 2021 range.

As our world prepares for a new beginning, the mood is sober, yet hopeful. For Fall/Winter 2021, +J further develops its signature understatement and quiet distinction. Sophisticated tailoring meets high-quality materials to create a modern interpretation of indispensable pieces – infused with new ways of functionality. Generous volumes, substantial fabrics. Attractive proportions and iconic shapes are sculpted into new silhouettes. +J’s idea of the global modern uniform inspires personal dignity and an energized, confident performance as we re-emerge into public life.

“This winter’s collection concentrates on distinctive silhouettes, sensual textures and luxurious tailoring which respond to our new sense of comfort: Sophistication for everyone. We return to social life, but we want to feel protected. The collection explores new oversize silhouettes with a controlled fit and variations of substantial winter classics.”

–Jil Sander, Founder