Jimmy Choo Fall 2020 Fashion Collection Photos

Jimmy Choo

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Jimmy Choo has released a Fall 2020 campaign featuring Daisy Edgar-Jones, a UK-based actor who’s leading role in the television drama ‘Normal People’ has led to much critical acclaim. Shot on location at the landmark Chiltern Firehouse hotel in London by photographer Dan Martensen, the campaign photos are accompanied by an interview with the young star.

Even for those who are unfamiliar with Edgar-Jones’ television roles, she has an “it” factor that makes potentially topical interview questions feel meaningful and engaging. Also in an intriguing coincidence, she has a cousin who studied shoe design while living with her during adolescence, and who inspired in her a passion for fashion. Jimmy Choo’s Creative Director Sandra Choi is a fan of the show, and eloquently describes Edgar-Jones’ appeal as follows:

Daisy is a modern heroine in the making, she represents the archetypal Jimmy Choo muse for a new era, her talent combined with her humility lend her a unique allure and confidence. She has found herself on the cusp of global stardom during an extraordinary moment in history. I, like many others, was mesmerized by her performance in ‘Normal People’ and am so thrilled we were able to work together to create such a beautiful campaign that talks to the brand’s London roots so strongly.

— Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo

The music soundtrack playing behind the video interview can be heavy-handed at times, and therefore a little distracting, but Edgar-Jones’ intelligence and charisma shine through nonetheless. In terms of visuals, the styling is elegantly understated, and parts of the video were filmed using a 16mm Bolex camera that imparts a grainy, blown-out-vintage-quality to portions of the imagery. Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of the campaign is Edgar-Jones’ breakout success during the period of global lockdown. The show “Normal People” debuted in April 2020 and was described by CNN as “…irresistible in abnormal times”; it is encouraging to know that such a career-making role can connect with audiences regardless of the pandemic, and we are excited to see what roles Edgar-Jones will focus on next.

Jimmy Choo Creative Director | Sandra Choi
Agency | Suburbia
Photographer | Dan Martensen
Talent | Daisy Edgar Jones
Stylist | Clare Richardson
Location | Chiltern Firehouse, London