Jimmy Choo

Pre-Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Kate Moss is the boss in the latest campaign from Jimmy Choo.

The British house recruited the iconic model and fellow countrywoman to star in their Pre-Fall 2020 campaign. Whether in sparkling, elegant evening dresses or a gorgeously tailored velvet pantsuit, she is a commanding presence. She assumes poses of nonchalant dignity, the setting of a grand estate decorated with classical sculpture heightening her sense of statuesque grace.

Though Moss rose to legendary levels of fame in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, this campaign is about as far as possible from the “heroin chic” look she helped to define. Yet with a figure as ubiquitous as Moss, the past is inescapable. Moss has a huge influence on this century in fashion, and any campaign she stars in will be situated in the context of this history in the mind of its viewers. With its motifs of ancient art and classical luxury, this campaign finds an interesting way to address this history. The annals of fashion are transformed into a mythology, and Moss’ beauty is recognized as timeless. Like a muse or a grace she keeps an eye on the threads of time, giving a glimpse of the divine to us mere mortals.

Featuring a thoughtful casting choice and photography that makes beautiful use of natural light, the campaign succeeds beautifully. With a nuanced understanding of the history of contemporary fashion and the confidence to successfully express this knowledge, Jimmy Choo forges onward like a rolling stone, gathering no moss – except where it counts.

Jimmy Choo Creative Director | Sandra Choi
Model | Kate Moss

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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