Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Jimmy Choo | Pre-Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

For their Pre-Fall 2018 ad campaign, the house of Jimmy Choo continued their synergy with Laird+ Partners, Creative Director Trey Laird, and photographer Craig McDean.

Models Anja Rubik & Clément Chabernaud also continue their roles as a flirtatious pair whose relationship began in the Jimmy Choo’s Spring 2018 ad campaign.

In the seasonal shorts, Rubik and Chabernaud pick right up where they left off for spring – playing a pair of flirtatious urbanites who have a thing for each. However, rather than flirtatiously peeking out of windows for spring, this time the duo actually bypass each other in the lobby of the same building. Perhaps the two will eventually save on the cost of a space and move in together for Fall.

The campaign plays upon all of the strengths of the house, which is wise to recognize that ‘flirtation’ can be a DNA component of the brand as their core market is more a mental state than an age.



























Agency | Laird & Partners
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Jimmy Choo Creative Director | Sandra Choi
Photographer | Craig McDean

Models | Anja Rubik & Clément Chabernaud
Stylist | Alex White


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