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Jimmy Choo Spring 2018 Ad Campaign

For their Spring 2018 ad campaign the house of Jimmy Choo enlisted photographer Craig McDean and models Anja Rubik & Clément Chabernaud to do a bit of urban teasing.

In the short, Rubik and Chabernaud play a pair of flirtatious urbanites who have a thing for each other as demonstrated by their playful interaction …. in luxury apartments opposite each other. The record comes outs on the Technic 1200 turntable, the curtains open, and both proceed to dress the part with a wink to the awareness of the other. The film promises a sequel at the end but some nights are better left to the imagination. Not that the film and visuals aren’t strong mind you.




Agency | Laird & Partners
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Jimmy Choo Creative Director | Sandra Choi
Photographer | Craig McDean

Models | Anja Rubik & Clément Chabernaud
Stylist | Sarah Richardson