Jimmy Choo X Marine Serre

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Jimmy Choo X Marine Serre Capsule Collection Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Quentin Jones with Model Catriona Frean

The recently announced Jimmy Choo x Marine Serre collaboration gets an awesome Spring 2021 campaign treatment from director Quentin Jones.

For the unique shoe capsule, visionary French designer Marine Serre unites her signature sense of futurism with Jimmy Choo’s classically elegant practice. Choo’s foundation gets an upgrade through Serre’s affinity for sportswear and strong sense of color, as well as her already-iconic crescent moon print. The results are a strong fusion of the work of both designers, which comes to stand on its own.

Jones’ campaign film taps into this futuristic, multi-dimensional energy by using digital collage to create a psychedelic cyberspace. Uniting visual elements drawn from the design codes of both designers as well as the far-flung reaches of the internet, the film creates an ever-shifting, three-dimensional mosaic.

Model Catriona Frean lounges and grooves among this digital universe. With the idealized and fantastical presence of an internet avatar, she invites us to try on this tantalizing glimpse of the future.

The film’s sense of fun belies the painstakingly complex editing work that must have gone into it, and we appreciate the creative team’s commitment to producing a great final piece. With excellent visuals that unite the personalities of both houses, the campaign has us ready to step into the future with style.

Jimmy Choo Creative Director | Sandra Choi
Marine Serre Creative Director | Marine Serre
Film Director | Quentin Jones
Model | Catriona Frean
Dancer | Anna Engerström
Stylist | Sam Ranger
Hair | Neil Moodie
Makeup | Janeen Witherspoon
Nails | Becca Gray
Production | RSA Films
Movement Director | Sophie Apollonia
Sound Design | Peter Duffy
Casting Director | iDAL

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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