John Galliano Spring/Summer 2018 Ads

John Galliano | Spring/Summer 2018 Ads

For their spring 2018 outing the house of John Galliano enlisted Paris agency Atelier Franck Durand, photographer Mark Peckmezian and stylist Ondine Azoulay to spruce up the house.

What is interesting to The Impression is how Atelier Franck Durand and lead creative director Franck Durand graphically calls out the model talent season after season. For this season the house chose model Ulrikke Høyer who brings a sense of charm and barefeet to the pick carpet set produced by Set Designer Sophie Glasser.

The graphics layout is evaluated, timeless and classic, matching a good deal of the agencies core gifts.

Agency | Atelier Franck Durand
Creative Director | Franck Durand
Photographer | Mark Peckmezian

Model | Ulrikke Høyer
Stylist | Ondine Azoulay
Hair | Christian Eberhard
Makeup | Lotten Holmqvist
Set Designer | Sophie Glasser



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