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By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

With September behind us we turned to chapter two of the marketers’ fall playbook to view October magazines/digital happenings and found ourselves suddenly stopped in our tracks by the recent John Hardy ads. In a word, stunning.john hardy images.001 john hardy images.002 john hardy images.003 john hardy images.004 john hardy images.005

We often hear fashion’s finest minds speak of ‘disruption’ and ‘cutting through the clutter.’ Understandably so as the market is over saturated and our lives are so permeated by advertising that it is ever so crucial to capture attention. This act alone is much easier said than done, however the team at John Hardy has done just that with stand out images and a strategy to launch later than sooner.

The ads feature Cara Delevingne & Simon Nessman and are lensed by Sebastian Faena with creative direction of David Lipman. Yes there is a slight resemblance to Lipman’s previous work for David Yurman but the hand of an artist does have similar brushwork in different paintings. We found the usage of color and simplicity juxtaposed with the idyllic setting of the volcanic black beaches of Bali breathtaking. And since the brands heritage and manufacturing is done in Bali, quite fitting with the brands DNA.

The vision behind the campaign was all about going back to the brand’s original essence. We really wanted to express the romantic, authentic and bohemian feel that the John Hardy brand has embodied since its inception, while telling the story in a modern way.

David Lipman
The ads broke in the October issues, which was strategically wise as the creative found itself in thinner issues enabling it to stand out even more. A quick glance back at the recent history of John Hardy ads show this campaign couldn’t of come at a better time as the ads had morphed into product shots over the years which we see as a slippery slope. It’s clear to us that John Hardy is on a path out of the clutter and onto disruption and hope they stay the course.

John Hardy Archive.001

Creative Consultant | David Lipman
Photographer | Sebastian Faena
Models | Cara Delevingne & Simon Nessman
Stylist | Sarajane Hoare
Hair | Bob Recine
Make-up | Tom Pecheux
Location | Amankila, Bali