John Varvatos

Fall 2019 Campaign With Lucky Blue Smith

John Varvatos launches his Fall 2019 ad campaign from an abandoned old warehouse. Starring Lucky Blue Smith, the campaign was shot by renowned fashion photographer Billy Kidd.

The campaign captures Smith in a series of images that perfectly pair his blasé personality with the detailed yet relaxed elements of the edgy designer.

Showcased are the new, lively textures and vintage feels of the collection, Smith sporting an elaborate jacquard plaid jacket paired with a textured shoulder stitch knit henley, and aluminum grey zipper pocket Chelsea denim.

Also featured are Ludlow vintage zip boots, a vintageinspired leather jacket, and a leopard print crewneck sweater made of brushed wool-blend jacquard.

John Varvatos Creative Director | John Varvatos
Photographer | Billy Kidd
Model | Lucky Blue Smith