Juicy Couture Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Roi Elfassy

Juicy Couture | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Todays culture has shifted from the 80s when musical acts discouraged their agents from licensing their songs for TV commercials to today where bands dream of having their songs used to sell sedans. In the post hip-hop, bling ring, digital era, being paid to promote for many is considered is a badge of honor. However in the fashion instagram space that flag hasn’t been flow high enough which is why the FTC enacted a set of laws and issued warnings to Instragram influentials to call out, rather than hide, their endorsement deals.

So with a wry grin the house of Juicy Couture chose to embrace the FTC guidelines and their promotional swagger with a wink to the audience for their latest Fall 2018 ad campaign entitled ‘Paid Partnership With.’ The campaign, by creative director Roi Elfassy, heroes the FTC guidelines and pokes fun of evolving social media standards. They even tossed in #JUICYAD for good measure.

Photographer Stas May lensed seven social media influencers from different parts of the globe all identified by a proprietary influencer software developed by ABG, the owner of Juicy Couture. The Impression can’t help but to wonder about the proprietary software, secretly hoping it is actually named Doris who books models, and often takes cigarette breaks to chat with Brendan, the cute guy from accounting. Software aside, the campaign is well conceived, with just the right amount punk to funk with the FTC. Plus even Brendan likes it.

Creative Director | Roi Elfassy
Photographer | Stas May
Models | Ashley Shoemaker, Charlene Almarvez, Devon Carlson, Dakota Butler, Issa Lish, Nisaa Pouncey, Tanya Kizko
Stylist | Daniel Packar
Hair | Thomas Dunkin
Makeup | Ashleigh Ciucci
Production | Jeremy Castro