Fall 2019 Fashion Ad Campaign

Just Cavalli

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Zenith Richards

Spotted. Just Cavalli’s Fall Winter 2019/20 campaign, lensed by Zenith Richards, channels angst from teenagers all around the country. In a generation where teenagers grow up watching shows like Gossip Girl, Skins, 90210 and Pretty Little Liars, it’s imperative for artists and designers to capture the lives of America’s youth accurately. What better way for Just Cavalli to capture this group of friends than in a New York City pizza shop. 

The campaign is dramatic, if nothing else. The dramatization of a normal occurrence such as getting pizza with friends is what makes this fashion aspirational. A television script could easily be written for this group of friends—filled with romance, drugs, heartbreak, and of course, teenage anxiety. 

By the looks of their Just Cavalli fashion, these young adults can clearly afford more than $1 New York pizza. But we know that’s not the point. These teens can eat whatever they want. They can wear whatever they want. They can love whoever they want, and no one can tell them otherwise. 

Fall 2019 Fashion Ad Campaign

Dakota Dickey, Jacopo Olmo, Julian Cardona, Avril Marion, and Clare Crawford star in this sepia tinted campaign. It’s difficult to ignore the red haired boy, the graffiti tagged walls, and the Juul signage. Growing up is hard, but Just Cavalli is here to help.

Photographer | Zenith Richards
Models |  Avril Marion, Clare Crawford, Dakota Dickey, Jacopo Olmo, & Julian Cardona
Stylist | Stella Brandt
Hair | Quenton J. Barnette
Makeup | Ryo Kuramoto
Casting Director | Julius Poole
Production | Julius Poole