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JW Anderson Calls You to Action for Spring 2018 Ad Campaign


In line with the idiosyncratic nature of the brand, JW Anderson launched their Spring 2018 campaign in a fashion that is fresh and daring, to say the very least. The brand’s campaign is a call-to-action, with the intend to reach undiscovered talent. Creative Director Jonathan Anderson, along with Creative Consultant Benjamin Bruno, and M/M (Paris) are looking for new, fresh photographer talent to create their Fall 2018 Campaign.

Calling to members of the public to submit their photographs, JW Anderson is looking to excite a new era of youthful image curators, as the ad is geared toward members of the community ranging in age from 18-30. Intending to stimulate the interest of the public, the brand utilizes the clever tagline, “YOUR PICTURE OUR FUTURE.”


“It really feels like the right way to find new imagery. We have taken a chance on image-makers in the past, and we decided to do it in an even bigger way now. felt as if we were given a chance. We were all young, new and coming through together, particularly when we launched our campaigns; it felt right to give somebody else that opportunity. Fundamentally, it is about talent giving a chance to talent”
– Jonathan Anderson


The submissions will be curated by Anderson, later this year, into a show that will take place in London. The final selection will be made by a jury of fashion industry individuals all led by Anderson. M/M Paris has already took to Instagram to call on the insiders for submissions. The campaign will live online, in select print publications, and on walls, utilizing a flyer posting strategy to best draw attention from a fresh audience.

This daring and unique campaign is certainly one to wait in the upcoming months. The Impression looks forward to seeing the fresh talent emerge and hopes JW Anderson finds what they are looking for.

Agency | M/M Paris