Kanye West and Nick Knight Release Documentary Exploring Redesign of YEEZY Website

Nick Knight discusses the collaborative process behind the redesign of Kanye West’s Yeezy Supply website in a new short documentary.

The famed British photographer has worked closely with West before, first collaborating with the rapper and cultural icon on a pair of music videos for his 2013 album Yeezus. In a documentary produced by SHOWstudio, the fashion website Knight founded in 2000, he walks us through the lengthy process of reimagining online shopping alongside one of today’s most mercurial minds.

Knight begins by acknowledging Kanye’s continual transformation as an artist, which in turn influences the various developmental stages of the site. The website began with Kanye’s goal of a ‘non-artistic approach,’ characterized by a low-fi aesthetic partly inspired by highly functional medical supply shopping sites. But as the vision developed, the site became more poetic as it embraced minimalism and a sense of immediate accessibility. The result is elegant and unique, and the documentary gives a surprisingly fascinating look into a collaborative design process between two masterminds.

The project was no small feat in terms of hours as well as the design evolution shifted dramatically from its origin.

There’s been over 10,000 hours of work and at least twice that many images, considered and made, to give what I believe is a beautifully simple website. 

– Nick Knight | Director of SHOWstudio

Traditionally the concepting around how a website is developed is dry material to say the least. Here the narrative is more artisanal resulting in a fascinating study of the thinking which is more elevated, resulting in a stronger website design that is transformative for the industry.