Kappa Kontroll Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Kappa Kontroll

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Kappa Kontroll, a premium extension of the Kappa brand, has been reintroduced with its Spring 20 collection.

To celebrate the relaunch, Kontroll tapped Los Angeles-based Ukrainian mixed-media artist, Ganna Bogdan, and former Reformation head designer, Brianna Lance, now a creative consultant, to be the face of the new campaign. The campaign shows the range of the Kontroll collection, from jackets composed of hi-tech fabrics to stretch jersey bodysuits born out of a connection between sportswear and technology; with a selection of swimwear. The connecting line throughout is exemplified by pants, skirts and dress forms in jersey and nylon, featuring shapes and silhouettes which draw inspiration from the 1960s.

The campaign, set in familiar places such as an older office setting and school gym, also shows Ganna and Brianna further connecting the feminine and playful portions of the collection throughout the images.

Agency | Doubleone 11
Models | Ganna Bogdan, Brianna Lance
Stylist | Simone Rutigliano
Hair | Lollo
Makeup | Martina Lattanzi

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