Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2019 Ad Campaign Shot in Karl's 7L Paris Studio

Karl Lagerfeld

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign Shot in Karl's 7L Paris Studio

7 rue de Lille is more than an address. 7L was a very special place for Karl Lagerfeld. 7L in Paris was Lagerfeld’s famous studio—a space that not only housed his photo studio, but his massive collection of books as well. Lagerfeld opened his own publishing house in the same location, creating books about design, architecture and the creative arts. It’s only fitting that the Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2019 campaign, dubbed ‘7L’, be set in that studio. 

The campaign, styled by Karl Lagerfeld style advisor Carine Roitfeld, is a celebration of the life and legacy of Karl Lagerfeld. It was not only shot in his studio but was creatively directed and produced by his photo team as well. In addition to Birgit Kos and Nina Marker, Lagerfeld’s personal assistant of 20 years Sebastien Jondeau was also lensed in the campaign. The models are seen in Lagerfeld’s photo studio and in his library, where a Lagerfeld figurine peeks out.

This is a personal invitation into the world of Karl Lagerfeld, before his passing. The collection and campaign makes a clear statement—that Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy will be remembered. It’s in the name. 

Photographer | Karl Lagerfeld’s Photo Team
Models | Birgit Kos, Nina Marker & Sebastien Jondeau
Stylist | Carine Roitfeld
Hair | Sam McKnight
Makeup | Tom Pecheux
Location | 7L Design Studio in Paris

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