Karla Otto Acquirers Influencer Marketing/Analytics Firm Lefty

As The Marketing Landscape Changes, Agencies Are Adapting With Acquisitions

Worldwide fashion agency group The Independents has announced that they will be acquiring marketing and analytics firm Lefty. This acquisition will give Karla Otto, one of The Independents’ many subsidiaries, the power to offer formal influencer marketing services and tools. This move acts as a considerable foothold for Karla Otto in this rapidly changing marketing industry.

Alexander Werz & Isabelle Chouvet, Co-CEOs of Karla Otto

We saw very early that influence would take an outsized role in our industry and we were looking for the right partner. We have been working on significant projects together with the Lefty team and have found an amazing match in them.

Alexander Werz, Co-CEO of Karla Otto

Karla Otto merged with K2 in 2017 to form The Independents, later on they acquired Dubai-based luxury agency The Qode to broaden their global reach. Traditionally this expansive operation has outsourced influencer work, but in their acquiring Lefty, Karla Otto will pick up the torch and begin to offer in-house influencer data work.

The move further consolidates Karla Otto’s presence within the influencer marketing space. Lefty’s analytics platform enables brands to discover, manage and measure influencer partnerships in metrics. This will allow Karla Otto to combine its established, qualitative approach to communications with fundamental data and insights to build clients’ global influencer programs —marrying analytics with casting and content creation. Lefty’s data, drawn from TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, will also inform overall strategy and day-to-day decision-making for its brands. As a result of the partnership, Lefty is expected to soon announce the coverage of the main social networks across Asia, including China. This move east is essential as China plays a dominant role in the global luxury market.

Branding and marketing in the luxury space will continue to evolve. The speed of that change made it really important that we integrate technical capabilities from within to be able to accelerate our transformation and continue to be an innovative force in the sector.

Isabelle Chouvet, CEO of The Independents

Karla Otto has over the years developed a global, curated community of over 5,000 data-vetted influencers. This launch allows Karla Otto to coordinate and execute social media campaigns across its 12 global offices, with international guidelines to ensure cross-country alignment. Lefty enables Karla Otto, on behalf of its clients, to track the return on investment for all influencer partnerships thus assisting brands in building effective and enduring partnerships.

This past, covid-filled year has not been easy on marketing agencies. With in-person events off-the-table and luxury brands tightening their belts, putting their limited resources towards general operational costs rather than marketing, agencies suffered. Karla Otto is no exception to this rule; one year ago, they had to lay off about 24 employees from their office in New York. Confronted with the age-old dilemma, adapt or perish, Karla Otto and The Independents are making a smart decision to move towards a form of marketing that is rapidly increasing in popularity and value, and that has been completely unfazed (if not helped) by this global health crisis.