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KASSL Editions

KASSL Editions Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of KASSL Editions Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Gijsje Ribbens with Photographer Anthony Seklaoui with model Caroline Knudsen

by Aidel Townsley

Creative Director Gijsje Ribbens launches KASSL Editions Spring 2022 campaign, featuring model Caroline Knudsen. Photographer Anthony Seklaoui works with graphic designer Merle Simone, to bring color blocking features to this black-and-white impression of KASSL’s latest collection. 

Harsh lines, and bold differentiation combine with large silhouettes and puffed bags for a futuristic reinvention of high end outerwear. Blurred shots of Caroline Knudsen moving through the streets embody the practicality of the coats, that they are meant to be worn and to protect the wearer. The same can be said of the distinctive footwear worn for the shoot, comfortable and sleek above all else, representing the brand’s ethos of functionality and quality. 

KASSL’s ‘indestructible’ gabardine fabric is featured for waterproofing for the reinvented fisherman’s coat, implying that the future of sustainability is durability combined with timelessness. The black and white images, with splashes of primary colors, represents the brands hope that their outerwear transcend ideas of the past, with its black and white images and thinking, and move beyond the fleeting present to the long future. 

Creative Director | Gijsje Ribbens
Photographer | Anthony Seklaoui
Models | Caroline Knudsen
Stylist | Gijsje Ribbens
Hair | Pierre Saint Sever
Makeup | Celine Martin
Casting Director | Julia Lange casting
Graphic Design | Merel Simone

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