Kate Spade summer 2022 ad campaign photo

Kate Spade

"Cabana" Summer 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Kate Spade “Cabana” Summer 2022 Ad Campaign by Photographer Sean Thomas with models Sabina Karlsson, Liz Kennedy, Lou Schoof, Halimotu Shokunbi, and Judith Ann Warren

Kate Spade celebrates beach life – wherever that may be – with an energetic Summer 2022 campaign shot by photographer Sean Thomas that highlights the brand’s new Cabana collection.

Thomas’ imagery pits the bright floral prints of the collection against the familiar bustle of the streets of New York City. With set pieces and props like a bar cart, pineapple shell cups, parasols, surf boards, and of course cabanas, the narrative of summer relaxation feels vibrantly juxtaposed against the everyday metropolitan setting.

While there may not be sand to sink their toes into, the bright smiles of the would-be beach-goers light up each image.

Leaning into the intersection of city and beach life, the campaign marks the launch of a series of pop-ups across New York that will be open to the public starting Friday, 5/20 in Chelsea, followed by pop-ups in Dumbo and Tribeca. Extending the celebration across the world, the brand will also launch a hashtag challenge across TikTok and Instagram, which will feature an augmented reality filter that encourages creators to “transform into a cabana state of mind.”

The campaign’s colorful interruption of the quotidian rhythm thus takes shape as a joyful invitation to kick back and celebrate summer color, no matter the place we find ourselves. Kate Spade lives summer life to the fullest – no beach needed.

Photographer | Sean Thomas
Models | Sabina Karlsson, Liz Kennedy, Lou Schoof, Halimotu Shokunbi, and Judith Ann Warren
Location | New York City

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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