Kenzo façade in Seoul Store review
Photo | Pilmo Kang

Kenzo | Seoul

French luxury fashion house Kenzo has opened a new flagship store in Seoul.

Located on Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street in Gangnam, the new store, designed by design studio Architecture at Large (founded by Rafael de Cárdenas) in collaboration with the house’s creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, reflects the brand’s playfulness and stands out among the many other high-end retailers located in the area. The exterior of the building is decorated with exactly 862 lime green cones that remind the house thread spools, an integral park of the fashion design process.

“We kept in mind that the design had to be distinctly directional and impactful,” said Cárdenas.

And The Impression is certain that the studio succeeded architecturally at designing a pattern that certainly attracts people, especially those looking for the perfect, “Instagram-able” moment because after all, these days it’s all about capturing the perfect moment to spread across social media channels.

Kenzo façade in Seoul Store review

Photos | Pilmo Kang