Kenzo - Le Renard Bleu film by Partel Oliva

Kenzo | Le Renard Bleu by Partel Oliva

For the second release of Kenzo’s Folio Series, the brand presents Le Renard Bleu,” a video and print campaign purposed to explore cultural identity through music and dance.

As Midori Takada’s uncanny percussionist beats converse with Lafawndah’s mesmerizing chants, their melodic speech leads this fashion film on an adventure to discover the story of the Japanese and Dogon folktale character, the Blue Fox. He, a transient being between the heavens and the earth, is culturally appealed for blessing the world with goodness when it becomes dormant.

Not only does their music dictate the storytelling of the film, bringing relationship among characters in the film— fashion and community — but their art shares the perspective of the French fashion house rooted in Japanese heritage.

With Takada’s vintage Kenzo kimono, the SS18 Collection costuming the gang of girls socializing with tea around the artists’ staged performance, and two young boys also appearing in the audience chase one another with plastic fox masks in a scene from the film— Kenzo returns to it’s heart with inspiration for this new collection. The expression is adventurous, a mystical journey leading fashion into new depths of cultural engagement.

Written and directed by Partel Oliva, cinematography by Naoki Noda and print photography from CG Watkins, Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon let their fashion become a costume that elevates artistic expression. The purity and ingenuity of it’s sound reverberates through the film as the diversity of artistic agents unite. Sought after the myth of the mischievous, sly but also magnificent Le Renard Bleu, a fashion brand turns to escape from the dark spell over culture with hope in a the spirit animal to bring understanding among the chaos and confusion.

Kenzo Creative Directors | Carol Lim & Humberto Leon 
Director/Writer | Partel Oliva
Cinematograper | Naoki Noda
Producer | Laure Saloon
Photographer | CG Watkins
Talent | Midori Takada & Lafawndah