Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Koché Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Christelle Kocher and Photographers Suzie and Leo, with models Celine Bouly, Tara Falla, and Rubens Guez

Koché celebrates the poetic beauty of youth with a new campaign for Spring 2021.

The campaign continues the ongoing collaboration between Koché and photographer duo Suzie and Leo, whose recent work for the brand has featured work across print, photography, and digital media, often with visionary experiments that occupy the undefined territory in between.

The new campaign is centered around a strong and straightforward visual concept, hearkening back to the history of fashion portraits, where each image is squarely centered around a single look and model. This sense of the vintage is somewhat subverted, however, by Christelle Kocher’s forward-thinking and gender-fluid design work, as well as the distinctly this-season haircuts.

Suzie and Leo then illuminate these expressive portraits with flowers and streaks of light that flow as if they were painted or airbrushed. As if giving us a glimpse of their soul, these flowers and light paintings poetically augment the internal sense of beauty exuded by these young protagonists.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” wrote John Keats, and I couldn’t agree more. I wanted to express this idea with my Summer collection and this campaign, surrounded by lights and flowers. A little touch of Eden in the mind.

Christelle Kocher, Koché creative director

In a sense, the campaign feels timeless in its consideration of the concept of beauty, its influence from classic poetry, and its somewhat throwback approach to the fashion portrait. At the same time, however, it is deftly tuned into the expectant pulse of youth culture, which feels perhaps more palpable this spring than ever. The brilliance with which the imagery synthesizes these elements feels distinctly Koché, making this campaign another strong statement of the brand’s artful dedication to progressivism and the freedom of self-expression.

Koché Creative Director | Christelle Kocher
Photographers | Suzie and Leo
Models | Celine Bouly, Tara Falla, and Rubens Guez
Hair | Akemi Kishida
Makeup | Patrick Glatthaar
Manicurist | Delphine Aissi
Casting Director | Marie Levy