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Kristen Stewart’s Cryptic Chanel Handbag Fashion Film


Chanel wakes us up with an intense boom while commencing their eerie new fashion film. A plummeting chandelier shattering to the ground, calling on the brand’s latest muse – Kristen Stewart. Featuring yet another very high-fashion-gone thriller performance from Stewart – tapping in on her latest mystery film, Personal Shopper, where she plays a personal shopper gone medium in France.

Channeling Coco Chanel herself, the actress debuts the new “Chanel Gabrielle Bag” in a way we couldn’t help but find a little spooky. As we see Stewart dramatically enter into the hazy studio, we notice she’s being controlled by an unknown spirit. Dancing and throwing herself around the vacant showroom, she seems to be trying to uncover this spirit within her. She soon discovers the timeless Gabrielle Bag that’s been waiting for her on the table. Seeing it calms her for a minute, then her new obsessive possession becomes front and center as she frantically grabs it and once again hectically searches for this spirit she so strongly feels.

As she rounds towards the other side of the room, something abruptly stops her. The camera then pans in on the single name that’s been controlling her spirit the whole time. Written in cursive upon the smoke-filled windows, simply “Gabrielle” – the born name of Coco Chanel herself, had finally given Stewart the validation and connection she needed. Kristen Stewart can now add this film of her obsessive possession to her repertoire of eerie yet compelling roles in mystery films.

Director | Daniel Askill
Model | Kristen Stewart