Are you familiar with the reptilian brain concept? Our reptilian brains, or the basal ganglia by its true name, control our movements as well as our emotions. It is believed to be the part of our brains that is in control our fight or flight response, fear, anxiety. Lacoste wants you to explore your reptilian brain with its new #CrocodileInside campaign.

Shot by English photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch, the campaign stars Lacoste athlete and ambassador Novak Djokovic, actress Chloé Sevigny, model Alton Mason, rapper A$AP Nast, French actor Rod Paradot, French rapper Moha La Squale, models Serene Motola, Jamie Bochert and Ebonee Davis, DJs Noah Becker and Clara 3000, Korean artist Sang Woo, and French-Senegalese dancer Salif Gueye.

Pearch captures each subject in their element, in moments of freedom and carefree emotions. While the photos best exhibit each subject’s personalities, the video represents the stars and values of the brand like ‘creativity’, ‘sportsmanship’ and ‘tenacity’.

Now about that reptilian brain, each subject let’s loose, throws caution in the wind and let’s it take control. They dance, sing, make funny faces and pose for the camera set to ‘Combination of the Two’ by Big Brother and the Holding Company. The video also uses a retro filter to hearken to the 1960s, when personal expression and freedom was most important to the youth and young adults.

Lacoste wants you to unleash your inner crocodile, and we at The Impression hope they continue to release their inner crocodile to push creative forward and take a bite out of market opportunities.

Photographer | Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Talent | Novak Djokovic, Chloé Sevigny, A$AP Nast, Alton Mason, Clara 3000, Ebonee Davis, Jamie Bochert, Moha La Squale, Noah Becker, Rod Paradot, Salif Lasource, Sang Woo Kim, & Serena Motola