Lacoste x Golf le Fleur

Lacoste teams with Tyler, The Creator's label

The summer is in full swing! The professional tennis world has just wrapped up the Wimbledon tournaments and is headed to the final grand slam of the U.S. Open. It would appear that Lacoste is looking to make a gland slam of their own by teaming with Tyler, The Creator’s label Golf Le Fleur. The capsule collection, a first of what promises to be many, is entitled Lacoste x Golf le Fleur.

The collection features a set of 16 garments, which hope to reimagine color identification. The saturated hues of the collection are in line with the senses and shades that Tyler, The Creator favors in his videos and performances. Tyler renamed these colors himself. Dusty pink becomes “litchi.” Beige is renamed “geode.” And off-white is dubbed “mascarpone.” Tyler, The Creator’s inventive and playful nature has made it possible to merge tennis casual and grungy street fashion through Lacoste x Golf le Fleur. 

Lacoste x Golf le Fleur enlisted director Luis Perez and producer Tara Razavi to create a campaign that pokes fun of media meltdowns, and alludes to the unfiltered tennis icon John McEnroe. The campaign reminds us that the camera is always present. Audiences are curated at athletic events, performances, and political rallies. Technologies have made it possible such that content consumers do not have be present at an event, and the camera becomes the biggest communicator of information. The Lacoste x Golf le Fleur campaign shows how the camera holds us accountable for our words and actions. The candidness of the campaign is reminiscent of Loiter Squad, a sketch comedy series starring Tyler, The Creator, that aired for three seasons on Adult Swim. Tyler, The Creator, as an artist and a designer, has proved himself to be incredibly versatile. Lacoste x Golf le Fleur is a doubles match we never knew we needed. 

Golf le Fleur Creative Director | Tyler, The Creator
Director | Luis Perez
Production | Happy Place
Producer | Tara Razavi