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Lacoste Tells the Story of a Timeless Love of Two Strangers on a Train in Latest Fashion Film


Lacoste has released a fashion film that stretches across the very fabric of time itself. The film, simply titled “Timeless” celebrates the always enduring appeal of the brand’s most famous export, the iconic Lacoste polo. Directed masterfully by Seb Edwards and starring Damien Chapelle, as a man on an epic journey running across the tops of trains and traveling through time in order to meet the woman he falls in love with at first sight played by Dorcas Coppin.

The film begins in the aesthetic of the 1930’s, matching the time-frame of Lacoste’s original conception. Here, our two main characters bump into each other on a train platform and as they lock eyes the sparks of love crackle between them. After a brief moment of indecision he decides he must go after her and breaks into a full sprint as he boards the train and pushes through crowds of people to try to get to her. As Chapelle passes through the train and eventually on top of it time flies by and everything from Chapelle’s hair to the type of train itself changes; the only thing that stays constant is the classic Lacoste polo our hero wears.

The film evolves into action movie type stunts as Chapelle sprints and leaps across the train to the swelling score by composer Max Richter to finally meet up with Coppin. The film works beautifully on a cinematic level and the directorial style and shot selection truly gives the feel of traveling not only across a train but across time itself. It has the feel of a major theatrical adventure, which is quite impressive considering the short length of the film and the simple yet nuanced concept which is executed to perfection. Much praise is due to the director, actors, and the composer for creating a seriously immersive and enthralling cinematic experience.



Director | Seb Edwards
Actors | Dorcas Coppin & Damien Chapelle
Composer | Max Richter