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L’Americaine | Tory Burch’s Fashion Film


In the city of love comes a story of love, through a short-film for Tory Burch’s Paris flagship store opening. In honor of the event, Tory Burch has designed a limited edition collection, the Paris Capsule Collection; featuring reinvented classic American ready-to-wear pieces, with a strong influence on Parisian silhouettes, stitching and embellishments. Featured look from the collection are worn by actress/model, Margaret Qualley, the beautiful, exciting, fiery, and shy star. Dianna Agron, best known for her role on Glee, directs this adorable Parisian story titled L’Americaine.

The short film focuses on Agron’s modern take on the romantic musical, An American in Paris, which tells the tale of an American war veteran who takes his aspirations to become a painter to Paris, where he falls for the mischievous charm of French woman. Agron switches the roles in the L’Americaine, where the scene is set in a Parisian café. A young handsome Frenchman sits with his friend and tells him about the alluring American girl, Margaret Qualley, that he met just a few days ago. The most charming scene of the short-film is when the boy asks Qualley why she came to Paris. She asks if he had seen Audrey Hepburn’s movie Sabrina, where Audrey says that “Paris is always a good idea” and that Qualley has never found that line to be anything but unbelievably true.

The chic and charming display of the young American girl and a young striking French gentleman epitomizes the sophisticated aesthetic of Parisian style, similar to Tory Burch’s designs for her Paris Capsule Collection. Take a peek at the adoring, Margaret Qualley, in a passionate journey in the city of love.