Lancaster Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Lancaster Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Guy Aroch & Film by Anna Palma with Model Barbara Palvin

Model Barbara Palvin is the star of Lancaster’s Spring 2021 campaign shot by photographer Guy Aroch. Celia Azoulay took care of styling while Owen Gould and Deanna Hagan were in charge of hair and makeup respectively.

The new face of Lancaster, Barbara Palvin embodies the idea of a fascinating, multifaceted woman who is both playful and light-hearted, yet also assertive and daring. Celebrating women in all the beauty of their being, the Spring-Summer 2021 collection is all about freedom of style and self-expression.

Lancaster, Press Release

The campaign embeds Palvin and the natural leathers of the collection in naturalistic environments. By taking these leather bags out of a metropolitan environment, Lancaster is asking us to see these items as an amalgamation of beauty and utility. Upon further reflection, it is hard to disagree with this image of handbags generally. While one might pick a particular bag in order to accentuate an outfit, it will inevitably become an issue of practicality throughout the course of one’s day. When handbags are thought about in this light, they cease to appear out of place in Palvin’s safari adventure.

That being said, Lancaster does a tremendously good job fitting Aroch’s shots into the narrative set up by the video and they avoid falling into the trap of creating a set of images that come off as artificial and catalogue-like.

Lancaster Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Photographer | Guy Aroch
Film | Anna Palma
Model | Barbara Palvin
Stylist | Celia Azoulay
Hair | Owen Gould
Makeup | Deanna Hagan

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