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Truth is that established brands have it harder. Young brands have the benefit of speed, flexibility and more often than not a path carved for them by an established brand. But established brands, with their broad customer base and distribution, have to constantly reinvent themselves to assure they stay relevant. And in the digital age of 24/7, staying relevant is all about speed and flexibility, requiring established brands to do something very difficult; become younger versions of themselves. And we all know the fountain of youth is difficult to find.

One such brand that is sipping from that fountain is Lands’ End, who under the guidance of their new CEO Federica Marchionni, has speedily rediscovered their DNA and moved swiftly to fine tune their marketing messages. And when that message calls for a broad lifestyle assortment addressing a broad range of ages, who better to call than iconic fashion lifestyle expert, Bruce Weber, to tell a holistic holiday story.

The holidays are filled with the glory of love, hope, gratitude and quality time spent with loved ones, embracing the warmth of family and the appreciation of good friends. Within this campaign, Bruce Weber did a beautiful job bringing my vision to life and capturing the spirit and heart of Lands’ End at the holidays through real, emotional connections with children, parents and grandparents. We believe in this campaign, we believe in our customers and I thank them for believing in us.

– Federica Marchionni, CEO

That belief translated to the firms best campaign in recent memory, wisely entitled, “I Believe,” and it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed to release with the holidays. Within the campaign a group of friends and family including the likes of Elaine Irwin and Leilani Bishop, come together under Weber’s lens to dance to the 1953 song “I Believe.” The song has been recorded by everyone from Elvis to Mahalia Jackson and finds itself being put to great use here by Weber who knows his way around larger groups.

“As a photographer, it’s really important when you start a new project to have the energy and enthusiasm of a cheerleader. Everything depends on the people you’re working with and photographing, as well as your connection to them – you want them to express their best imaginable spirit,” said Weber. “Through this project, I’ve come to admire Lands’ End’s commitment to the environment and I appreciate how they want their clothes to become a part of people’s lives in a very real way. I wanted that same feeling for my photographs, so I chose new and old friends to be part of this experience.”

And experiential it is as the video and accompanying holiday images leaves The Impression ‘believing’ that the fountain of youth does indeed exist and Lands’ End is charting a course to it.

Photographer | Bruce Weber