Denim Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by François Quillacq

Many may not remember but the fashion denim craze actually began in the streets of Paris in the 70s’. Since then denim has been a crucial part of each generation’s narrative and likely will be to come (once that yoga pant craze dies down). In their 2019 fall denim campaign, French fashion house Lanvin celebrates the iconic fabric with their own signature. 

Photographer Francois Quillacq captures the communal attributes denim holds as models are embracing and supporting each other in various ways in the campaign. The sturdy material is metaphorically captured as this denim ad voices that, for Lanvin, support and care are in their jeans and genes.

Lanvin Creative Director | Bruno Sialelli
Photographer | François Quillacq
Models | Cyrielle Lalande and Matthew Petersen

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