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LeSnob X Rosine Perfume

'Avant Garden' Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Lesnob X Rosine Perfume ‘Avant Garden’ Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Artistic Directors The Style Council Paris and Director Masha Vasyukova

LeSnob and Rosine Perfume share a darkly romantic film in celebration of their new fragrance collaboration. “Avant Garden” features artistic direction by The Style Council Paris and film direction by Masha Vasyukova.

With gorgeous cinematography and coloring, the film follows a lone heroine through the verdant pathways and dramatic corridors of the Jardin du Palais-Royal in Paris. Without any literal story signifiers, we glean an abstract narrative of love and heartbreak through visual cues and musical swells. Smart cinematography that includes shots through rose bushes and keyholes, as well as intriguing backwards footage, creates a deep sense of mystery and drama.

The three varieties of the perfume – black, red, and beige – are subtly incorporated into the film through the colors of roses, which act as its central visual motif. It’s a smart way to incorporate the personality of the product into the form and content of the film itself without being obvious or overbearing.

The film rises above a typical fragrance campaign through the cohesion and strength of its imagery and the sharp yet subtle focus of its narrative. The creative team is smart to use the platform and typical approach of a fragrance campaign as a launchpad for a deeper exploration of emotional narrative and visual storytelling.

Artistic Direction | The Style Council Paris
Director | Masha Vasyukova
Stylist | B. Åkerlund
Hair | Andre Cueto Saavedra
Makeup | Thomas Lorenz
Location | Jardin dus Palais-Royale