Lefties Fall 2018 Men's Ad Campaign by Enric Galceran

Lefties | Fall 2018 Men’s Ad Campaign

Lefties, Zara’s younger sibling label, released their Fall Men’s 2018 ad campaign continuing to build momentum for the softer of the retail behemoth.

Continuing to team with long time collaborator, photographer Enric Galceran, the house set off to provide a little rustic group therapy with models, Erik van Gils, Justin Eric Martin, Rachide Embalo, and Serge Rigvav. The campaign is as straight as the straight leg pants featured within, casual, comfortable, and direct. And sometimes that is all a campaign needs to be as the offering is as casually classic as Galceran’s nonchalant  images. Combining studio portraiture with clean industrial streets as a backdrop works to diversify the look but not start too far from he straight and narrow.


Photographer | Enric Galceran
Models | Erik van Gils, Justin Eric Martin, Rachide Embalo, & Serge Rigvav
Stylist | Bojan Mijatovc