Les Benjamins Opens New Doors In Istanbul

Les Benjamins is opening their second multi-brand flagship store in the Akasya district on the Asian side of Istanbul.

The new 180 square feet brick and mortar store located in the Akasya Shopping Mall (Akasya Alışveriş Merkezi) aims to capture the spirit of Istanbul’s multicultural roots while allowing its youth and fashion aficionados to take part in a brand new urban experience.

Designed in close collaboration with Dong-Ping Wong and outfitted by Yoo Architecture, this new minimalistic shopping destination reflects Bunyamin Aydin’sAydin’s commitment to creating strong retail momentums for culture and community. It is dedicated to support and showcase contemporary high-end fashion and streetwear brands, as well as new talents.

In this context, Bunyamin Aydin included a selection of urban brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Vans, and Asics, amongst others, that will be showcased next to Les Benjamins women’s and men’s collections in order to increase Diversity across all facets of Istanbul’s shopping experience.

Location |
Akkavak Street No.16
Istanbul, Turkey