Les Girls Les Boys Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Les Girls Les Boys

Review of Les Girls Les Boys Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign by Filmmaker Robbie Mailer Howatt & Photographer Maxwell Granger

Les Girls Les Boys celebrate free love in comfort and style. The intimate and energetic Holiday 2020 campaign from the young brand features film direction by Robbie Mailer Howatt and photography by Maxwell Granger.

An offshoot of lingerie icon Agent Provocateur, Les Girls Les Boys is self-described as “bed-to-street” wear. In this connection, the brand feels tuned into the fluid and intimately expressive pulse of youth culture. A more cynical perspective might see this as emblematic of the younger generation’s laziness, and wonder how long what is essentially a pajamas brand can be taken seriously in the fashion industry. As long as Covid sticks around though, a brand that sells Instagrammable loungewear is going to be feeling pretty comfy.

Featuring professional dancers whose work and craft has been impacted by the pandemic, the new campaign uses the language of dance to explore these values of fluidity, comfort, and intimacy. The dancers move expressively alone or in pairs, often weaving acts of undressing, swapping garments, and dressing into their motions. Howatt slows down, speeds up, and layers the footage, emphasizing rhythmic motions of connection.

Though the chunky sweats feel far from sexy in themselves, the film works as a beautiful visual metaphor for the freedom that the clothes offer and embody – and a major part of this freedom is that of love and sexuality. Thus the campaign feels like an uplifting and alluring statement of Les Girls Les Boys’ commitment to support boundaryless connections, and to be for everybody.

Film Director | Robbie Mailer Howatt
Photographer | Maxwell Granger
Talent | Ed Munro, Jacob Maynard, Salomé Pressac, Faye Stoeser
Casting Director | Meshach Henry