Levi's Jaden Smith and Hailey Bieber Spring 2020 Ad Campaign Photos


Jaden Smith and Hailey Bieber Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

In today’s culture of instagram ads and virtual fashion, it can be easy to get caught up in the fast-paced, fame-focused life of social media trends, and put the ‘who’ over the ‘what.’ Unfortunately, Levi’s latest campaign falls victim to this all too evident craze in society.

The campaign itself has a few aesthetically pleasing elements to build off of, namely color and tone, but is light on ideas. But, focusing the bulk of the content on those featured in the photographs, supermodel and notable wife Hailey Bieber alongside world-renowned actor and rapper Jaden Smith, was a misstep for the legendary denim company and creative director Matthew Welch.

Centering-in solely on the models undercut the endless possibilities of the campaign. The only creative licenses taken were to match the background fabric to the clothing, which does little to show a strong consideration for design or point of view. In a day and age where you need to stand out to survive, this entire campaign was lackluster and seemingly uninspired.

For a brand that is known for their classic designs and trustworthy performance of over 160 years, it is upsetting to see them fall behind in the creativity department. But that is not to say that the renowned fashion house is untalented or has lost their spark, as it seems this may just be a one-off. A mistake that could easily be remedied by taking a more stylistic look at a collection.

To set oneself apart from all of the other creatives in the industry, one must be forward-thinking, and visually focused, in designing a campaign. It’s important that they set the agenda for an Instagram feed, as opposed to following what’s already there.

It’s understandable to sometimes get caught up in current trends and feel obliged to draw on fame and followings, but we must all learn from our past mistakes to grow in the future, and we have faith the Levi’s will do exactly that and use this shortcoming to their advantage. Here’s to the future of the faithful institution, and to how they grow their visions into the masterpieces we know they can be.

Levi's Jaden Smith and Hailey Bieber Spring 2020 Ad Campaign Photos

Levi’s Brand CMO | Jen Sey
Agency | Meritocracy
Creative Director/Photographer | Matthew Welch
Talents | Jaden Smith & Hailey Bieber
Stylist | Karla Welch
Hair | Florido
Makeup | Denika Bedrossian