Loewe Beyond The Skin Fragrance Ad Campaign by The Style Council

Loewe | Beyond The Skin Campaign

The house of Loewe has turned to creative director duo of Robert Lussier & Mia Forsgren of The Style Council for an updated re-branding campaign of the houses perfumes. And we are delighted they did as the duo drew inspiration from nature and skin to create what we believe to be one of this seasons strongest campaigns entitled ‘Beyond The Skin’ a reinterpretation of the artistic style of Karl Blossfeldt’s photographs.

For the fresh campaign, photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen shot portraits that encompassed the ideas of intimacy, purity, beauty and astonishment, in pursuit of conveying this empowered idea of reinterpretation.

Minkkinen drew creative inspiration for his photographs from the botanical images of Karl Blossfeldt—images embodying the characteristics of texture and contrast thus marking an artistic line for future artists who collaborate in the image renewal of Loewe perfumes. Minkkinen expresses, “The nude becomes a kind of metaphorical line that allows is to see ourselves as part of a larger purpose and order.”

At the forefront of the campaign directed by Minkkinen is the natural concept of human skin. The creative vision behind this brand makeover, looked to the evocative and volcanic landscape and beaches of Tenerife, Spain for set location. Minkkinens photographs are all shot in black in white accentuating the concept that bare skin is sensual, timeless and intimate with the ability to channel powerful conditions such as strength, love, joy and calmness. These conditions that the human body gracefully embodied whitransmits are embodied within all of the Loewe fragrances.

This campaign maintains an extremely emotional impact as it provides a brilliant counterpoint to the new and distinctive case that unifies all of the new fragrances. The black-and-white graphic design of the campaign accentuates the artistic theme as well as Blossfeldt’s striking typography, providing a clearly recognizable context within which, the individual story of each essence has the power to unfold freely.

Creative Direction | The Style Council
Photographer | Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Creative Movement Director | Stephen Galloway
Hair Stylist | Andre Cueto Saavedra
Music | ‘A greater pattern’ by Ben Lucas Boysen
Production | N6