Loewe Launches Eye/Nature Spring 2021 Collection with Actor Josh O'Connor

Loewe Launches Eye/Nature Spring 2021 Collection with Actor Josh O’Connor

An Organic, Upcyled And Recyled Collection That Gives Back To Nature

The main focus for the fifth season of Eye/Loewe/Nature is environmental responsibility, with a collection that is organic, upcycled and recycled. The campaign features Josh O’Connor, photographed by Gray Sorrenti in the desert of Baja California, Mexico.

Quite a different landscape for the actor notably known for playing Prince Charles in the Netflix series, ‘The Crown’, O’Connor is caught in the midst of a solitary adventure, energetically confronting the elements. A van, parachute and motorbike allude to intense physical exploits under the glaring Mexican sun; man and nature bonded together.

Nature is integral to my Loewe vision. The great outdoors, the wilderness even, offers both context and stimuli for what we do. In the case of Eye/Loewe/Nature, nature is also the ideal backdrop to a collection of pragmatic pieces, both technical and crafty, from outerwear and T-shirts to shoes and accessories, designed for enjoying life outside.

– Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe

A collection devised for diving into nature must be created with a sense of respect for the environment. Reusing and repurposing what has already had a life is not only a way to produce less and therefore cause less harm, but also a way to reassess craft, which is quintessentially Loewe.

With those mandates in mind, the collection practices what it preaches. Upcycled vintage Mexican carpets were used to create reversible jackets. Loose-fitting parkas are patch worked from vintage quilts to create color-block effects. Vintage parachutes are transformed into lightweight hooded jackets. The upcycling and recycling ethos carries through to the accessories, with totes and bum bags crafted from quilted liners. Loewe is also launching a new line in recycled nylon: bags that are very lightweight and easily packable.

To me, Eye/Loewe/Nature is Loewe at its most pragmatic, with an inspired eye. It has a timeless aura and playful practicality that sprout from an everlasting feeling of connection with nature,” says Anderson.

And for every product sold, Loewe will give back to nature by donating 15 euros to Fundación Global Nature’s “A Casa for birds”. A project aimed at creating and restoring natural habitats for wildlife species in danger of extinction.

Spain is the last refuge in Western Europe for the remaining populations of unique and endangered birds. The cultivation of land and the increased use of pesticides are the main reasons for the alarming disappearance of these species during recent decades. 

Together, Loewe and Fundación Global Nature will carry out a number of initiatives: creating ponds to offer drinking spots in dry months and recover other biodiverse endangered species; planting shrubs and small trees to create hedges as nesting sites, refuges and feeding areas rich in insects; and supporting good agrarian practices such as crop rotation and avoiding chemical fertilization.

With a collection that cultivates a multi-tiered approach to environmental responsibility, we could all take a page from Loewe’s nature book.

Loewe Creative Director | Jonathan Anderson
Talent | Josh O’Connor