Long and Loose

Fall 2020 Trend

As we see more people working and playing from home, the collective consciousness seems to be shifting from “no pain, no gain” to “keep it comfortable”. Why wear uncomfortable shoes, tights pants, neck ties, and similarly constricting items when there is no one around to see them? There are video conference calls of course… but formal wear seems out of place when the backdrop is a home office or living room. Fortunately, this relaxed new attitude coincides with a slew of styles from Spring 2020 collections, with myriad long and loose dresses available in every conceivable pattern and colour. From empire waists and 70’s style maxi dresses fitted on top and flowing on the bottom, to robe-like muumuu-inspired ensembles with added yokes ranging from round to plunging v’s, mock turtles to button-downs, and off-the-shoulder to shoulder-less varieties. Silhouettes reminiscent of 40’s-style day dresses and medieval tunics round out the trend. These looks are cut to flow over the body, providing freedom of movement without compromising style…therefore loosen up! And embrace a more free-flowing type of attitude. Your mind and body will thank you (we promise!).

Bottega Veneta
Richard Quinn