Loro Piana

Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Loro Piana Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Zoë Ghertner with models Amber Valletta & Mica Argañaraz

Loro Piana explores a world of softness in a new Fall 2021 campaign by photographer Zoë Ghertner.

The lovely landscapes of Italy form the backdrop of the campaign, which highlights the brand’s luxuriously soft knitwear through a series of ethereal portraits. Elements of the landscape, particularly flowers, enter into a visual and emotional dialogue with the knit pieces, creating a world of tactility and delicateness. Their faces are kissed by sunshine, models Amber Valletta and Mica Argañaraz exude an air of openness, comfortable confidence, and gentle femininity. Through Ghertner’s gorgeous compositions, body, clothing, flora, and light all flow together intimately.

Smartly picking up on the theme of a unified world of softness, the art direction positions the phrase “Somewhere in Loro Piana” beneath each photograph. We are left to wonder whether Loro Piana here is to be considered as a place, or a state of mind – probably both. It’s a wise way to position the brand itself as an expanded experiential world of soft elegance and beauty, and it makes for a campaign that, though brief and focused, encompasses the entire universe of Loro Piana.

Photographer | Zoë Ghertner
Models | Amber Valletta, Mica Argañaraz