Louis Gabriel Nouchi Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Louis Gabriel Nouchi

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Louis Gabriel Nouchi‘s Spring 2020 campaign is a gorgeous and intimate portrait of solitude.

Each collection that the designer creates for his eponymous label is named in homage to a book or a writer. This season’s collection is named for Malaparte’s La pelle, or the skin, a novel set during the American invasion of Italy in WWII. While this connection is by no means obvious in the collection or its campaign, themes perhaps inspired by the novel do manifest themselves in subtle ways.

The campaign is set at a rugged beach in southern France and features a lone male model. Photographer Horst Diekgerdes makes beautiful use of the changing light, giving a sense of progression from bright afternoon to twilight as he captures the setting sun shining on waves, sand, and body. In a nod to the title of the collection, several of the shots feature no clothing at all, but rather a sensual and intimate glimpse of the model’s body. Conversely, several images feature only a landscape, or a jellyfish that washed up on shore. Though they may be of different subjects, all of the photographs inform each other. The natural beauty of both this man and the world he is in are treated with the same awe and respect.

Several brief short films, also directed by Diekgerdes, further these themes. Thoughtful camerawork reveals a sensitive portrayal of masculinity and an exploration of the relationship between self and world.

While many of the season’s ad campaigns are fittingly set on beaches, this one feels special. While it is exceptionally beautiful, it does not feel glamorous; there is a naturalness and intimacy that could only come from a creative team honestly working to translate the language in which the natural world is written. Turns out, it’s an ideal beach read.

Film Director | Horst Diekgerdes
Photographer | Horst Diekgerdes
Photography Director | Francesco La Porta 
Agency | Shotview Artists Management
Art Direction | Adrien Simon Poznański
Art Direction Assistant | Lea Madonia
Model | Guerrino Santulliana
Stylist | Andrej Skok
Makeup | Vanessa Bellini
Casting Director | Alexandre Junior Cyprien
Assistant | Meghane Rolland 
Film Editor | Aurelien Boisson
Sound Design | Davide Cairo
Film Production | Shameless Eye

Fashion Writer | The Impression