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Louis Vuitton | Fall 2018 | The Set-Up

Continuing with his mash-up of periods, Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière set his Fall 2018 collection to once again blend historical periods with the space age, this time in an unused courtyard of the Louvre, Cour Lefuel.

Transitioning from a showy courtyard to an enclosed venue that looked as if a spaceship had landed in the middle of it was no easy feat. Weather aside the custom built staging was massive and complex with both hydraulic ramps, cantilevered edges and LCD lighting.

The unique spaceship like platform was placed in the Louvre courtyard constructed in the 1850s’ for Napoleon III By Hector-Martin Lefuel who used designed the giant ramps to be used by people and horses alike. As of late the courtyard has been closed off to the general public to only be observed through the windows or the visited by the Louvre staff as a periodic lunch spot. The courtyard will remain closed for the next 3 years while is goes through a renovation that will hopefully return it to its original splendor and a serene spot for coffee for all, horses excluded.