Louis Vuitton Happy Together Holiday 2022 bear campaign

Louis Vuitton

Holiday 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Louis Vuitton Holiday 2022 Ad Campaign by Director Gary Freedman

Everybody’s favorite Louis Vuitton mascot embarks on a magical journey for the house’s new Holiday 2022 film campaign by Director Gary Freedman.

The campaign fuses real film footage with digital animation to bring the magic of the holidays to life. In an adventure worthy of Pixar, the house’s flower mascot Vivienne and her LV-monogrammed teddy bear partner sneak out of their snow globes on the big night and embark on a winter adventure. The pair playfully journey through a wintry world of the house’s signature gift pieces like trunks, handbags, fragrance, and home goods. The creative team does a lot of great work to load these cute characters and the larger-than-life world they occupy with expressive details and adorable charm, while the soundtrack of The Turtles’ classic “Happy Together” perfectly sums up the mood of being with one’s favorite person for the holidays.

Louis Vuitton has always distinguished itself from other high-caliber luxury houses by its sense of adventure and charm, and the Vivienne mascot is a smartly conceived embodiment of this characteristic. Tapping into what is most fun and universally likable about the house’s ethos, her adventures are always warmly told and beautifully animated. This campaign is no exception, and finds an especially strong feeling of warmth in its celebration of holiday togetherness.

Agency | Dôme
Director | Gary Freedman
Director of Photography | Sandgren Linus
Production | LA\PAC
Executive Producer | Jérôme Denis
Producer | Thierry Bettas-Begalin
Prod Coordination | Lucas Demerdjibachian
Communication & Event Director | Stefano Cantino
Art Buying and Production Manager | Felipe Bravo & Martin Foureau
Music | The Turtles’ ‘Happy Together’

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