Louis Vuitton - Virgil Abloh documentary Instagram’s IGTV

Louis Vuitton | A behind the scenes look at the SS19 collection

The Virgil Abloh era at Louis Vuitton has begun. Abloh debuts on Thursday his first collection for the flagship house and namesake of LVMH. In an act to increase anticipation, Louis Vuitton released a behind-the-scenes video of the development of the SS19 collection and show on Instagram’s new IGTV.

When the Off-White Creative Director was appointed Men’s Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton, the fashion industry became split. Purists disagreed with the appointment, claiming that Abloh is not a true fashion designer, while others that favored the appointment considered the move to be much needed progress.

Abloh has come a long way from that Tommy Ton photo with friends Kanye West, Don C, Taz Arnold and others at Paris Fashion Week in January 2009, and also his internship at Fendi that led to the launch of Pyrex Vision and later Off-White. For years, Abloh has been the pulse of what is “cool” when it comes to fashion, sneakers and music, having collaborated with Nike, Moncler, Jimmy Choo and Ikea among others, and as a DJ and host of Beats 1 program Televised Radio on Apple Music. Abloh’s world is his signature and a sign of what a modern Creative Director is.

All roads have led to his appointment at Louis Vuitton and to his debut show on Thursday.

Louis Vuitton took to Instagram to give a sneak preview of Abloh’s first collection for Louis Vuitton. The IGTV video begins with the Ghanian-American designer arriving at the Louis Vuitton headquarters with a custom LV trunk under his arm that reads “Tool Box”. The new Instagram video functionality is currently rolling out globally and can either be accessed through updating the Instagram app or downloading the IGTV app viewing the @louisvuitton profile.

Abloh looks at a few of his designs hanging on racks, works on the typography of one of the Louis Vuitton logos, makes adjustments to his designs and does location scouting and designs for his first show for the house.

The video feels like a film trailer, the calm before the inevitable critique storm. Abloh at Louis Vuitton has been a topic of conversation since his appointment in March, and the conversation will be more impassioned following his debut.

Abloh said in the video, “The elephant in the room is that I come from a different place into this storied lineage of fashion and what I want to do is… deliver a message.” He knows the stakes are high, but you can tell that he’s having fun.

“The last thing I worked on was my thesis… fifteen years ago,” he said in the video. “Everything since then has been a passion.”