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Nicolas Ghesquiere cast a Final Fantasy Character for LOUIS VUITTON’S Spring 2016 Ad Campaign

BY KENNETH RICHARD | The Impressionist

In the 2002 film Simone, a director, played by Al Pacino, creates a virtual actress from technology when his real leading actress walks off set. The director presents the computer actress as a real person, which the audience buys into, demanding to learn more about the new break-out star. Pacino’s director exhausts himself keeping up the ruse while his vital actress goes on to win two very real Academy Awards. The film was a precursor to the idea of virtual performances we are seeing today in films from Lord of the Rings to the latest Star Wars, with computer generated actors playing central roles.

This season fashion enters the fray as designer Nicolas Ghesquiere has cast a character from Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy” video game series in Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2016 ad campaign. Over the holiday the designer teased a short clip of the virtual star sporting Louis Vuitton’s latest on a character named “Lightning.”

The virtual vixen was created by Square Enix’s creative director Tetsuya Nomura and will be accompanied by very real models lensed by Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber in the Louis Vuitton’s “SERIES 4” campaign. The video game was a strong reference point for Ghesquiere’s spring show, with models sporting hair and beauty looks lifted from the game.






Should Ghesquiere, like Pacino’s character in Simone, find himself a slave to his creation remains to be seen, but in the meantime, fashion has her latest muse. One Louis Vuitton hopes will be ‘Lightning in a Bottle.’