Love Moschino

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Love Moschino combines rock ‘n’ roll influences for a campaign full of vintage cool. Photographer Giampaolo Sgura captures model Marjan Jonkman for the Fall 2020 campaign.

Sgura’s studio compositions hearken back to the glam-grunge of the early ’90s, but the collection’s various rock influences are more numerous. The iconic style of proto-punk legend Joan Jett seems to be a major influence, and Jonkman is certainly channeling some Runaway energy. With her elegantly disheveled mullet, truculent-yet-seductive gaze, and effortlessly cool energy, she feels like the perfect glam-punk muse.

The campaign aims for a particular style and mood, and this it nails completely. The individual talents of photographer, style, and model are all attuned to perfectly conjure a singular aesthetic that is dripping with iconic cool. We love to see Love Moschino love rock ‘n’ roll.

Moschino Creative Director | Jeremy Scott
Photographer | Giampaolo Sgura
Model | Marjan Jonkman
Hair | Franco Gobbi
Makeup | Jessica Nedza
Casting Director | Simone Bart Rocchietti

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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