LVMH Launches 'The Doers' Employees Series

LVMH Launches ‘The Doers’ Series Spotlighting Employees

LVMH Pulls Back the Curtain With A New Series On Its Employees Designed to Showcase Fulfilling Industry Roles

LVMH releases a new video series on their social networks, ‘The Doers’. LVMH wanted to give a voice to the people who enrich their Group the most, its employees. In the midst of a pandemic, luxury brands have been tasked to develop new ways to connect with consumers online through creative content and storytelling. “The Doers,” is an insightful and inspiring example of focusing this story behind-the-scenes.

Over 60,000 people apply their talents to retail activities at their 5,000 stores across the world.

Employees are invited to share the rich meaning they find in the daily practice of their profession.

In a simple and elegant setting, people talk about their jobs and the passion that inspires them each day, helping them face the challenges of these turbulent times. Whether they work directly with products, engage with customers, or are in one of the many support roles essential to LVMH activities, all share the same passion for their métier, their Maison and the teams with whom they work.

As one would expect from LVMH, the series is shot beautifully, oscillating back and forth from a minimalist setting to in-store footage.

The first video invites us to meet Sophie Aubin, manager of the Louis Vuitton Champs Elysées flagship in Paris, whose enthusiasm takes center stage. She shares insights on what makes retail such a motivating profession, and how she has dealt with the successive lockdowns. Without access to the fundamental element in their métier, namely face-to-face contact with customers, sales teams have reinvented their practices and found fresh inspiration each day.

Within a week of Ms. Aubin beginning her role as store director, she had to close the doors due to the pandemic lockdowns. She recalls, “It was a chance for me to begin a new chapter and see things quite differently.”

The store director the explains that if you believe in what you do, and you’re sincere, you can motivate a team. “My job on the team is to make sure everyone is engaged and they share the same obsession.”

Aubin makes it her goal to start each day with positive energy, engaging and inspiriting her team by singing, dancing or donning disguises. After the team is “pumped up”, they give themselves a round of applause before opening the doors to customers.

Aubin also proudly shares that a man she admires, Bernard Arnault, chairman/CEO of LVMH, visits the store every Saturday to gauge how the week went for the team and that week’s consumers. Arnault typically asks his sales team, “How were your customers?”, “How was the week?”, and “What were the top products?”

This series illustrates how LVMH engages its own employees behind the scenes in a way that inspires them to then successfully engage with their customers.