Magda Butrym

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Magda Butrym Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Art Director Anna Grunwald, Photographer Dan Beleiu, and Videographer Michał Grzeszczakowski with model Amrit

Magda Butrym delivers a lush vision of post-pandemic summer fashion with a new Spring 2021 campaign, which features art direction from Anna Grunwald and photography by Dan Beleiu.

Balancing evocative gloom and optimistic brightness, Grunwald’s art direction transforms a studio space into a dreamy seashore during the calm before the storm.

Beleiu’s photographs capture model Amrit among this space, where she lounges on white sands or rises from the waves like a modern incarnation of Boticelli’s Venus.

The campaign also features a very brief, social-media geared video by Michał Grzeszczakowski, which highlights one of the collection’s most impressive looks: a completely handcrafted knit set, composed of a blazer, slacks, and a bralette. It’s a powerful statement of Butrym’s creative vision that marries, hand-crafted luxury, elegant sensuality, and casual comfort.

Magda Butrym Creative Director | Magdalena Butrym 
Photographer | Dan Beleiu
Art Director | Anna Grunwald
Video | Michał Grzeszczakowski
Model | Amrit
Stylist | Barbara Martelo
Hair | Michal Bielecki
Makeup | Marianna Yurkiewicz
Set Designer | Anna Szczesny