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Store Scout – Maison Louis Vuitton Vendôme


Returning to where it all started, in the location of their first store in 1854, Louis Vuitton has opened a new store in the heart of Place Vendôme, named Maison Louis Vuitton Vendôme.

The building that houses this new store was built in 1714, and has since then been carefully restored by architect, Peter Marino. To mirror the brands French artistry, light stone exterior, glass windows, and leather-lined shelves are used throughout it. Also, in collaboration with French artisans, Marino filled the store with vintage and modern objects.

Inside, the five-story boutique this is everything from the brand such as couture, ready-to-wear, jewelry, watches, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, and accessories. Also, Vuitton’s Objets Nomades, their travel and home collection, is featured in the store. Each collection matches the color scheme, décor, and fixtures of the room that it is in. This provides a diverse atmosphere with each collection that you look at in every room.

Alongside the architecture, decor and the latest collections from Vuitton, there are 32 pieces of art by 22 different artists included in the store. These artists come from six different continents, coming from countries such as China, Germany, and France. This artwork is supposed to be joyful and play off the architecture of the store.

Architect | Peter Marino

2 Place Vendôme
75001 Paris, France

Store Hours
Mon. – Sat. 10am – 7pm
Sun. 12pm – 7pm