Maison Margiela

Chinese New Year 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Maison Margiela Chinese New Year 2021 Ad Campaign by Artist Nhu Xuan Hua

Maison Margiela took a unique approach to their Chinese New Year campaign this year, sharing a beautiful series of works created by visionary photographer and artist Nhu Xuan Ha.

The imagery pays homage to Ten Bulls, a series of poems and accompanying drawings from the Zen Buddhist tradition. The cycle of poems and imagery describes the process of a practitioner’s journey to enlightenment, and their return to society to share and act on their newfound wisdom and compassion.

Nhu Xuan Ha’s uniquely emotional blend of photography, visual art, and storytelling feels perfect for the poetic and personal nature of this subject matter. Through flowers and deconstructed human figures, she creates a beautiful visual language that conveys an open-ended narrative of spiritual growth and rebirth.

As a smart way to share the work and celebrate the connection between the artist and her fans (which she is sure to have made many more of), the pieces are available to download as phone wallpapers and were shared in China via Weibo and WeChat.

The campaign feels like an incredibly thoughtful way to explore the real meaning behind the Chinese New Year and this year’s zodiac symbol, the ox (or the bull).

While many other brands released collections and campaigns that made superficial use of ox iconography, this project is closer to what we might have expected from Maison Margiela, with their intellectualism and penchant for thoughtful deconstruction.

Even so, Nhu Xuan Ha’s astounding visuals far exceeded these already high expectations.

The ox or bull is one of the oldest symbols of meditation practice, and the year of the ox marks an important opportunity for personal reflection and rediscovery. Maison Margiela displays thoughtful grace in using the opportunity to share a beautiful work that captures the true personal and cultural meaning of this time of renewal.

Maison Margiela Creative Director | John Galliano
Photographer/Artist | Nhu Xuan Hua
Set Designer | Paulina Piipponen

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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