Maison Margiela Launches Mutiny Fragrance campaign by Fabien Baron

Maison Margiela | Launches Mutiny Fragrance campaign by Fabien Baron

Every generation has a cultural tide that swells with such energy that it becomes a tidal wave that washes away biases and injustices. Inevitably going on to change the laws of social norms and societies laws.

Today that wave is formed around gender equality and social acceptance of a broad spectrum of what gender is. And it is coming fast with the energy that Johnny Rotten was singing about nearly thirty years ago in his generation defining song, Rise, that, “Anger is an energy!”

The house of Maison Margiela and Creative Director Fabien Baron were wise enough to harness that energy in their latest campaign aptly entitled ‘Mutiny.’ The campaign captures the social conscience of our times. The film had such meaning that Maison Margiela leveraged it as the opener to their Spring 2019 collection this week and used it on digital accessories on the runway.

The Impression asked Baron what was the thinking behind the campaign that touched such a chord.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Fabien Baron”]

The idea behind Mutiny was to capture the spirit of the moment –  to feature this group of unique and powerful women, and provide a platform to share their stories. The cast all speak about a new idea of beauty as what makes someone different, which is a powerful message for the younger generation. The campaign itself then becomes a mutiny of sorts, an act of rebellion.

Many a designer has tried to harness the spirit of rebellion, but very few have been able to treat it with the respect it deserves. The campaign is built on a series of interviews that empowers each talent to express themselves fully, but it is the energetic art direction and sentiment of the unifying film that drew The Impression in. This is an A-game piece, designed to elevate the conversation and surround it with visuals and an art direction that amplifies the message. The edge, the tone, the graphics, the sound, the special affects are all first class and pull you in from the opening frame. Sure it leverages a social cause for marketing, but who else is going to pay to put that message out there? Marketers play a role in social change, and may very well be a cornerstone to it. Who else do you think comes up with those political campaign slogans?

We digress, the film speaks for itself and we applaud all parties involved. Because without a little mutiny, there are no waves. And don’t be fooled into thinking that calm waters don’t claim victims.




Maison Margeila Creative Director | John Galliano
Agency | Baron & Baron
Creative Director/Director | Fabien Baron
Art Director | Christophe Deri
Director of Photography | Benoit Delhomme
Print Photographer | Craig McDean
Talent | Sasha Lane, Princess Nokia, Willow Smith, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Molly Blair, Teddy Quinlivan
Stylist | Alexis Roche
Hair | Eugene Souleiman
Makeup | Val Garland
Casting | Michelle Lee
Steady Cam | Mathieu Caudroy
Editor | William Town at Modern Post
Producers | Mina Viehl, Marie Hu, Jean Davi
Colorist | Tim Masick at Company 3
Flame & CGI | Method Studios
Music | Jeremy Healy
Sound Mixer | Brian Beatrice at Nutmeg Creative

Head of L’Oreal | Guillaume de Lesquen


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